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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Out today a new version of Skype™, some fixed bug like an installation error that involved many users of the previous versions, the famous error 1603, that made unable the complete installation of the 3.2 version and eliminate the previous version, without upgrading nothing.
Error reported from many users also on the Skype Forum at this address. The solutions proposed on the forum did not work for everyone, fortunately the install procedure of this version should work perfectly.
Download Skype - 31st May 2007.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

VoIP on the PSP, but just for Great Britain

British Telecom and Sony Computer Entertainment reached an agreement in which the famous console PSP (PlayStation Portable) may be used like a VoIP "phone", by the Go!Cam, a PSP gadget made by Sony, that integrate a WebCam and a microphone.
The VoIP communication by the PSP happens by way of Wi-Fi hotspots property of British Telecom, the service is available for the moment just for the Great Britain.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

SoliCall make us hear better

SoliCall is a small free application that integrate itself with your favourite VoIP software and, while we're speaking, by some particular audio filters, it reduce or eliminate unwanted background noises that could be sensed by the microphone or by another audio input used for making VoIP calls.
This software is very easy to configure, you just need to specify the audio source used for VoIP calls, SoliCall will filter the audio and "purify it" from possible background noises, rustles, etc.
The main setting to execute in your VoIP software, Skype, MSN Messenger, and others softwares that allow the vocal communication, will be to specify in the audio setting option window the device "SoliCall Audio Device", like as you have another audio card installed into your computer.
Free download available at this link.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

The Gizmo Project's VoIP

Gizmo Project propose itself as another Skype™ concurrent but with lower rates and the chance to make free phone calls in many countries without spending a cent.
Besides we have the possibility to get a personal number to receive normal phone calls called Gizmo Call In and it is possible to buy credit to make calls to landlines phones and cell phones (Gizmo Call Out).
An example of the rates to call in the U.S.A.: to a landline phone and cell phone we spend 0,019 dollars, while making a call to Italy we'll spend 0,02 dollars to landlines phones and 0,32 dollars to cell phones; all the rates are available at this link.
The current version available in multilanguage is downloadable from the official site and it's the release dated 7th of May 2007, lower releases but however functional are available also for Mac and Linux.
To know also the compatibility with the Asterisk® software and SIP protocol.
Gizmo is available also for the following cell phones: Nokia N800, Nokia 770 and Nokia N80 IE.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Out today a new version of this great VoIP software, the, downloadable at this link, there aren't essential news, most are bugfixes, solved program errors.
This update is recommended for everybody!
Have a nice download.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

VoIP over Sony PlayStation 3

If you are a owner of the famous Sony console, the PlayStation 3, you can surf by the PlayStation 3 integrated web browser to play.jajah.com and in a few and simple steps you will be able to make free phone calls or low fee VoIP phone calls; just insert your phone number and the one of the person you wish to call, after that Jajah will provide to make your phone ring, after you raise the receiver the phone of the person you called will also ring, like a normal phone call, in fact will be the Jajah servers to establish the connection between the two phones but the call cost will not be accreditee to your phone company.
Previously Jajah provided and provides this service for PC users, excellent move to make it easily usable by the users of this famous game console.
Considering that game consoles are largely diffused in the whole world, maybe Skype™ could counterattack developing a dedicated version for the various XBox and PlayStation 2/3?

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A sea of Skype™ Extras

Skype™ Extras are plug-ins or add-ons that you can use for fun or better to increase Skype™ functionality also in job sphere.
Maybe the most famous and in vogue in the Skype™ community is CrazyTalk, by Reallusion software house, this add-on allow to Skype™ users to show themselves how they own a WebCam installed on the computer, but instead of showing our face in live breadcast, it will be show an animated avatar chosen from the standard ones, or, if you have some time, wish and patience, it is possible to insert, by following instructions, our face or someone other's face; the curious and impact thing for the user that is communicating with us will be the view of the interlocutor showing a robotic pose that will speak moving his/her lips, in fact CrazyTalk will automatically synch our lips by the words we speak in the microphone.
CrazyTalk is freeware for Skype™ and it can be downloaded to this link, where you can find also instructions for a right installation, program screenshots, additional features.
WhiteBoardMeeting is a sort of shared blackboard between more users where you can draw, write, type, like you are in front of a old style blackboard.
CallButler offers a sort of Skype's telephone system dedicated to small business offices, it integrate an answering machine, call transfer, call on hold and many more.
Last.fm Radio offer us the possibility to hear in streaming mode a normal radio, based on our favourite kind of music.
TalkAndWrite is very interesting because it allow Skype™ users to share documents and work on them, print, save, everything is synchronized, for example it's possible to work on a Excel sheet (XLS) or a Word document (DOC), Rich Text Format documents (RTF), PowerPoint presentations, etc...
If instead you want to play back an executed phone call or a vocal conversation, you cannot miss Pamela MP3 Call Recorder, an easy but useful recorder in MP3 format of Skype™ vocal conversations.
For those that have troubles with foreign languages, you can try Universal Chat Translator, an instant translator that use also Text-To-Speech technology, we type, it translate, others type, and it translate!, we will not get perfect translations but at least we will be able to understand and to make us understand; among supported translated languages we can find: english, dutch, japanese, russian, french, portuguese.
There are millions of Skype™ Extras, all availables, downloadable to this link: https://extras.skype.com. Some of them are freeware, some under payment in trial version, the "Skype Certified" icon means the right working with the last version of Skype™

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