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Monday, July 06, 2009

Skype™ 4.1 improve the audio/video quality and introduce the screen sharing

The new versione of Skype™, the 4.1, improve the audio/video quality of calls and introduce a new feature: the screen sharing between two Skype users, practically you can show your Windows desktop to another users and vice versa, to not confuse it with the remote desktop function.
To download and install Skype 4.1, visit the official website.

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Friday, July 03, 2009

Free SkypeIn numbers

Skype™ offer under payment a SkypeIn number that allow to be contacted from landline phones and cellphone to the own Skype contact; starting from some days ago, it's available a service, not owned by Skype, that offer a free SkypeIn number, Ring2Skype need just a simple and fast registration: a valid email address, a personal password (it could be different from the one used in Skype), the username of the Skype account that you want to associate with the number and, obviously, the country and the region for the allocation of the personal telephone number.
To be contacted over Skype from a landline phone or a cellphone you should provide the number with its extension, after composing the number, a voice will tell you to type the extension, at this time the call will be forwarded to Skype, that must be open and online.

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