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Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Skype™ Fees And Subscriptions

A short time ago Skype™ introduced three typology of monthly subscriptions to make almost unlimited calls (10.000 minutes/month - about 166 hours) over landline phones.
The first subscription typology that I read on the Skype™ website is called "Unlimited Country" and allow to call "without limits" one preferred Country between the ones indicated and enabled at the cost of 4,95 USD/month.
The second one is called "Unlimited Europe", like name says, it allow to make "unlimited" calls to 20 european Countries at the cost of 5,95 USD/month (supported Countries are specified on the subscription page).
The third and last subscription is "Unlimited World" and for just 12,95 USD/month allow to make calls over landline phones of 34 Countries, for some of them, like U.S.A and Cina, cell phones calls are included and supported.
In all the three subscription are included a Skype-In number and the VoiceMail (Skype answering machine).
For those that don't need particular subscriptions there's always the "old" Skype credit recharge.
For more information visit the Skype™ website

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